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What is a charter school?

A charter school is a public school that is freed from many state rules and regulations that apply to public schools in exchange for greater accountability for student achievement.  A charter is authorized through a charter contract with the school board and is governed by an independent governance board. Charter schools provide families a choice in learning environments that best meets the needs of their child.

Charter schools are one way that Lake Geneva Schools builds potential for student achievement, staff opportunity, and transformation using innovative environments, teaching methods, and personalized learning to meet the unique needs of all learners.

Lake Geneva Schools has two charter schools, Maple Park Charter School (Grades 4K - 8th) and New Visions Charter School (9th - 12th Grade).  Staffing and the district's (per student) resources to students enrolled in a charter school follow the same guidelines used for students in any Lake Geneva Joint #1 District school.

How will Maple Park Charter School be governed?

Charter schools in Wisconsin are governed independently by the charter school’s governance board. The board is accountable to the Charter Contract authorized by the Lake Geneva Joint #1 School District.

What grades does Maple Park Charter School cover?

Maple Park Charter School enrolls students from grades 4K - 8.  If you are looking for a Charter School for the High School level, we recommend you visit New Visions Charter School.

How do I register for Maple Park Charter School?

If your family is interested in learning more or enrolling in Maple Park Charter School, click here for details.

Can I enroll in Maple Park Charter School at any time?

Pending a pre-enrollment meeting and Open Enrollment/Alternative Open Enrollment approval, families may enroll their students in grades 4K - 8th.

Can I attend Maple Park Charter School if I am not a resident of the school district?

Yes.  Students who live outside the Lake Geneva Joint #1 School District can join Maple Park Charter School.

What does a Maple Park Charter School family receive? First-Class Curriculum:  Our program features curriculum developed by leading educators. Maple Park Charter School families may receive a personal electronic computing device PECD), textbooks either in print or digital format, and comprehensive lesson plans based upon the student’s individual needs and programs.

High-Quality Teaching:  Maple Park Charter School’s professional teachers work one-on-one with students and their parents to instruct, review assignments, and customize the curriculum.  Students will also benefit from local educational guides who help monitor the work. All of our teachers are licensed teachers who receive professional development on a regular basis to provide the strongest possible support.
State-of-the-Art Technology:  Families have available a student personal electronic computing device; online communication, planning, and learning management tools; online lessons and library resources; and technology literacy courses depending on their individualized program.
Community Connections:  Maple Park Charter School facilitates numerous activities, online and in person. Connections with other Maple Park Charter School students will be facilitated through special projects, extracurricular activities, and group meetings with other families in the program.


Will my student have support from a licensed teacher in the Charter School? How will my student demonstrate their proficiency? How will I know they are academically progressing? (In order to attain the educational goals listed in Wis. Stat. §118.01, the Charter School will:) Maple Park Charter School will be able to provide an education nurturing the full potential of each child by providing a learning environment that allows a child to discover and develop his/her own unique talents.  Maple Park Charter School students will become independent, confident learners.  Maple Park Charter School follows the Lake Geneva Schools philosophy of high achievement and mastery learning.

Academic Achievement Objectives: Students will be able to demonstrate proficient or advanced competencies in reading, math, oral communication, mathematics, and science as evidenced through district academic standards. Maple Park Charter School shall identify academically low achieving students and shall provide its educational program to these students in a manner that best serves their needs. Each Maple Park Student will be assigned a Wisconsin Licensed teacher-on-record who will monitor their progress, and provide the individualized support needed.
Individual Self-Assessment: Students will be able to evaluate and reflect on their own work according to defined criteria established by the teacher with guidelines adopted by Maple Park Charter School.  Students will be able to increase their ability to work toward achievable goals through self-directed activities.  For each student, an individualized rubric will be based on individual learning plans and appropriate grade-level skills.
Physical Education: Students will work with their teacher-on-record to meet their physical education and health requirement via their personalized learning plan.
Technology Integration: Students will integrate technology as technology will be highly used for many virtual learning courses.  Each student will be loaned a Chromebook or other such electronic device, as needed, based on their program plans.
When a student enters Maple Park Charter School, the parent will meet with a teacher who will serve as, the teacher-on-record. The teacher-on-record is a certified teacher who will serve as the home and school liaison. The teacher will provide initial placement help, continuous support in academic planning, monitor student growth and progress, and provide support in enriching and/or supporting the academic journey of the child. After the academic need is determined, the teacher will develop a personalized learning plan that will meet the needs of the individual student. This discussion will take into consideration the students strengths and needs, along with the best placement and curriculum options for the student. The teacher's planning may include, but not be limited to assessment data, student’s academic history, and student work samples. The teacher will provide support, through face-to-face meetings to ensure student success.

Do students receive grades?

Students in grades 4K - 8 will receive Pass (P) Fail (F) grades based on course progress as demonstrated in trimester portfolios.  The teacher-on-record will supply a report card at the end of each semester marking the progress of the Maple Park student.

Is Maple Park Charter School a public school?

Yes, Maple Park Charter school is a  public school operating under a contract with the Lake Geneva Joint #1 School District.  For more information about Open Enrollment, please click here.

What is the cost of Maple Park Charter School?

There are no fees associated with attending Maple Park Charter School. Maple Park Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school located in Wisconsin. Curriculum and on-site enrichment opportunities are provided for students.  Some after school options or field trips may have a fee associated with the activity.

Are students issued a free personal electronic computing device (PECD)?

Depending on the curriculum, PECDs (i.e., Chromebook or iPad) may be provided to Maple Park Charter School students.  PECDs are the property of the Lake Geneva Schools and must be returned should the student leave Maple Park Charter School.

Will Maple Park Charter School give our family a monetary stipend for Music, PE, Art, or other specialty lessons?

Maple Park Charter School offers students opportunities for onsite blended learning enrichment days which include Physical Education, Music, Art, Cultures, STEAM, and enriched literacy activities.  Students, when appropriate, are also able to take classes in the district at any of our buildings if there is space and prerequisites have been met. Maple Park Charter School does not provide monetary stipends for any specialty lessons outside of the district offerings.

Can I choose my student’s curriculum?

A highly qualified teacher (teacher-on-record) from Maple Park Charter School will collaborate with each family to develop an appropriate individualized student plan. The Lake Geneva Joint #1 School District will provide students with a full curriculum at no cost to the family.  Additional specialty school supplies, if needed, will be purchased by the family.

Are the teachers and staff certified?

All professional staff members will be licensed in the State of Wisconsin.  Lake Geneva Schools takes pride in having an outstanding staff in both the traditional and charter schools.

Will my child be required to take standardized tests?

The State of Wisconsin does require certain state tests at various grade levels.  Maple Park Charter School will also require charter school families the opportunity to participate in these valuable assessments.  The assessment data will be shared with the families so that each family can see the growth of their child compared to state standards and benchmarks.

Does my student need to be immunized?

Families will need to provide immunization records or the signed waiver form.

Do we have to submit student health forms?

The welfare of all of our students is very important to us at Maple Park Charter School. Student health forms and physicals are strongly suggested for the health and safety of the student.  Families with questions on health forms, medication, or health services can contact the school nurse: Stefanie Keisler, RN, at

[email protected]

When does the school year start and end? School year start and end dates will correspond with the Lake Geneva Schools calendar. If you have unique needs our teachers will discuss your specific needs with you.

Can my students participate in clubs and sports?  

Students can participate in sports, clubs, band, choir, extracurricular activities, and dances that are offered at the other schools in the district at their grade level.  Families will be responsible for any additional fees associated with sports, clubs, activities, or courses taken in the building.

Do you accept students with IEPs or 504s?

Yes, students with an IEP or a 504 are welcome in Maple Park Charter School.  Prior to placement in Maple Park Charter School, the IEP team and family will meet to determine if a virtual setting can meet the needs of the student.

How are charter schools funded? Charter schools are funded and staffed at the same level as other Lake Geneva Joint #1 District schools, based upon the number of students they serve.  Charter schools receive an allocation of district level support for functions such as technology support, business services, facilities, etc. If the charter's Governance Board elects to provide resources beyond district funding levels, they have opportunities for fundraising or grants, similar to the grant applications and fundraising that are done by parent groups for district schools.
Where can I get more information about charter schools in Wisconsin? The Department of Public Instruction provides information on charter schools and rules at Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's website.

Do you have a question that you would like to see on the Maple Park Charter Schools FAQs?   Email them to [email protected]
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