Pertussis Information 9/26/2018

Pertussis Information 9/26/2018
Posted on 09/26/2018
Pertussis Information 9/26/2018

W4051 County Road NN P.O. Box 1005
Elkhorn, WI  53121-1005

September 26, 2018

The Walworth County Health Department is working with 
Lake Geneva School District to inform you that there is a confirmed case of Pertussis “whooping cough” at Star Center Elementary. There is a probable case at Badger High School and Central Denison Elementary School. The following information is being provided to help parents and staff in their knowledge of this potentially dangerous disease.

While vaccination is still important,
it is possible to be fully vaccinated and become infected with Pertussis.  The course of this disease sometimes begins with nasal symptoms accompanied by a cold-like cough.  Many parents don’t think much of the symptoms at this stage, but there is a point at which the cough worsens noticeably.  Keep in mind that some people do not have the first phase and may start with the more severe cough which may be described as “coughing fits”. If anyone in your family has these symptoms, it is time for a visit to your medical provider.   When you call, let the office know that you or your child may have pertussis in order that proper infection control can be initiated.

If your child is not symptomatic, it is important to note that he or she may have been exposed and may need to be treated with antibiotics to prevent the disease, especially if they have close contact with a baby under the age of one, pregnant woman within 3 weeks of delivery, or people with certain chronic health conditions. Please call your health care provider to assess your risk.

Babies under the age of one year old are the most vulnerable and prone to complications and death from pertussis. 
If you or your child has symptoms of pertussis, avoid contact with people in the high risk groups listed above.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Erica Bergstrom, MS
Public Health Officer 

Holli Wilke, RN, BSN
Public Health Nurse Supervisor

Lake Geneva School Nurses:
Julie Eckhoff, RN, BSN
Laurie Collins, RN, BSN

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